jetBook Color Lands in Bulgaria

We want to give a huge shout out to www.reader.bg - a Bulgarian site oriented towards eBook Readers and eBook Reader sales. They are the leading site in Bulgaria for information and distribution of eReading device and they've just picked up the jetBook Color to add to their collection.

They've been published and even have an ENTIRE review of the jetBook Color on their site, check out the information and links below:

Their site: www.reader.bg

Their in-depth jetBook Color review: http://www.reader.bg/useful/item/502-ectaco-jetbook-color-complete-review.html

Publications with the jetBook Color: http://image.nauka.bg/magazine/bg-science45.pdf
(pages 2, 24, 85, and 143)

We wish them luck and are excited to see how the jetBook Color is successfully spreading worldwide!

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