The March 1st jetBook Color Update

The time has come and we know you are all excited about it - here is a sneak peak at the March 1st update and what it entails.

Since all updates will be done through our server we will send a certain amount of e-mails out every day starting March 1st till March 7th. If you don't get the update on March 1st don't fret, we just don't want our server to pop out so no one gets the update.

Enjoy, and here are some of the cool new features:

New Localizations and Language Menus:


Other Features and Functions:

+ Workbook Scribbling and freehand writing on PDFs
+ Objects of art and Music notes moved to user accessible area
+ DJVU support in reader
+ CPen support
+ Reader: double click on the bottom of the page for next page
+ TTS (Text to Speech) function activated
+ Crossword ESC fix
+ Reflow mode in Reader
+ HW keys for Language Teacher mic (long press activates recording)
+ LEFE and Let’s Talk American books into Classwork and Homework section (Russian JBC only)
+ Other minor bug fixes

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  1. Anonymous2/29/2012

    Im sorry for the impatience, but this is kind of weak...
    What about Internet via WLAN? and CBR support?
    At least hope someone will upload the update somewhere else so noone does have to wait.

  2. it IS weak. Mailing people? Please, you don't even have my adress...

  3. Anonymous3/01/2012

    How to update?

    1. Anonymous3/01/2012

      Turn jetbook on, plug cable (USB mini) to the computer. Before download the zip oder rar ectaco is providing and then go on like that: http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?s=8de93124afb494c2b701f8317ffe3475&t=70171

    2. Anonymous3/01/2012

      Looks like this is for the original jetbook and jetbook lite. I wonder if the color version will be different

  4. Anonymous3/01/2012

    I'm pretty sure i registered my jetBook online and in the order form they asked for my e-mail so they send me the tracking info.

    Definitely not weak - i totally need this drawing functions and it sounds like there might be more.

  5. Anonymous3/01/2012

    niceeeeeeeee, cant wait for this

  6. Anonymous3/01/2012

    Where is serial number on device so i can register my JC and get the email update? Please help.

  7. Anonymous3/01/2012

    Start the device, go to settings, device info --> Serial Number :-)

  8. Anonymous3/01/2012

    That's the first place I looked, but mine just says 00 which I doubt is a valid serial number... It should also be printed somewhere on the device, no? If so, where may I find it so I can register my JC and get the update as I doubt Ectaco has my email address... Please help, thanks.

  9. Anonymous3/01/2012

    my JB say serial 00 too!

  10. Hey guys, if you don't have a serial number:

    1) Remove the back flap where the stylus is
    2) See the imprinted number
    3) Access the settings menu and enter the serial number in the appropriate box
    4) It should automatically appear there afterwards

  11. Anonymous3/01/2012

    thanks! it worked!

  12. Yes, quite weak.

    * I want my browser + internet! :)

    * was the screen fixed? (I was showing nasty shadow from earlier pages; many users have experienced this)

    * was searching in pdfs fixed?

    * I suggest either making an option to make fonts smaller in all item listings (maybe even an option to get rid of icon thumbnail for the books/folders) -- fonts in menus/listings are often so big that force to scroll to the next page -- and you know how slow are the screen updates.

    * the interface could be tuned for reader to contain less clicks

    * Finally, I don't think serving static files should cause you any performance issues. Otherwise, why cant you set up a torrent? (I'm Software Engineer)

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the updates!

  13. also it would be very nice if we could install our own applications.

    Thanks a lot!

  14. Anonymous3/03/2012

    papaj, I agree. The font of all item listings are too big to see the long title of some books & documents that force user to open or rename one by one to see full title and you know how slow. I also suggest either make an option to make fonts smaller or display from switching between portrait and landscape mode.

    Thanks a lot for this updates and sorry for impatience
    I really put my faith in ECTACO Inc.

  15. Anonymous3/03/2012

    I cannot use button to change page in rtf file

    1. Anonymous3/03/2012

      It's not working by using button, you need to go to menu and go to page number

  16. Anonymous3/05/2012

    Just downloaded the v1115 update from jetboot.net/update, but when I follow the instructions, ie. #5. press reset button and hold for 2-3 seconds, it does NOT update. It only reboots my JC. I do not see an "Updating..." message nor a progress bar. I also tried holding the power botton and pressing the right arrow button simultaneously to no avail. Please help.

    1. Anonymous3/05/2012

      the same here

    2. Anonymous3/05/2012

      rename "jbcupdate-os.bin" to "jbcupdate.bin"

  17. Anonymous3/05/2012

    Thanks, renaming the file worked. =)

  18. Anonymous3/05/2012

    I had a problem, as the update did not work with jbcupdate-os.bin, I decided to try the configuration option to restore defaults, so when I update the firmware that was originally Spanish-English became to English-Russian after upgrade. How I can return it to Spanish-English?

  19. thanks for the update.

    I still don't see the browser, and screen is STILL showing very NASTY shadow of earlier pages. Hope especially this (including many other issues) is going to be addressed in the subsequent update.

    Thank you!

  20. Anonymous3/06/2012

    also thanks for the update

    missing stuff:
    there's no landscape mode for pdf
    text to speech for pdf doesn't work
    setting for volume is always reseting when rebooting
    font of the folders and filename is much to big
    there is still no highlighting (only mark for summary)
    scribbling can't be used on a pc

    nice to have:
    Calendar and ToDo list (with date)
    switching between two books
    listening to music while reading a book
    separate scribbling place (for notes)
    changing colors and thicknes when scribbling (something like paint?)

    1. Anonymous3/07/2012


      - turn the pdf on your comp and then load it to the device
      - tts in pdfs do work - try resetting if it doesnt work for you
      - im sure you can replace highlighting with simply underlining or circling wat u need
      - i have no idea what scribbling on the pc means but on the device it works great

  21. Anonymous3/07/2012

    I am able to update the OS, but I am not able to run the update the Firmware. I always get directly to the normal menu.

    I followed the instructions step by step,

    There is a bar for a short time indicating that its loading something but instead of running the update I get directly to the menu. Then I click and hold the reset button for 5 seconds several time, but I always get directly to the menu

    Any ideas ?

    Firmware Version
    Platform revision: 43.35.509
    system update v43

    1. Anonymous3/07/2012

      You definitely updated the OS as i have the same v43, now just insert a micrrosd card with the second update and reset it. It should automatically launch after a reset(15min window to update).

      Also check if you actually updated the device already by checking the writing function. In any book Menu->Stylus mode

      If it's there you got the update

    2. Anonymous3/07/2012

      It's working, thanks u

  22. I really like the mark for summary feature, just maybe it could require less clicks? e.g. instead of having Menu show up, then could be Summary button.

    Also there's another issue with highlighting, then you select text which lower part is shorter than upper part it selects it incorrectly, e.g.:

    X signifies expected selection, . - empty; selecting from leftmost X on top to leftmost X on the bottom


    what we actually get is:


    Also making other stuff more acessible with less screen updates would be very VERY NICE including:
    - smaller fonts for menu listings
    - less steps to access: dictionary (could be shown inline maybe?), maybe adding quick bookmarks


  23. Anonymous3/10/2012


    Thanks for the update.

    However, what I had on my Onyx Boox M90 and would very much like to have on my JC (in addition to the web browser which I know is coming) are:

    1) zooming: 2 new zooming options in pdfs called 'hide margins' (gets rid of useless white margins) and 'dynamic zoom' (use stylus to define zoom area by drawing a box). Also, it would be very nice to be able to change page while zoomed!

    2) scribble saving: is instantaneous on my M90! Why does it take 3+ seconds on my JC? This is especially annoying when I scribble, then change pages and forget to wait the required 3+ seconds, which saves my latest scribbles on the next (wrong!) page. Also, it would be nice to be have an inline option/menu to switch between erase and draw modes as well as be able to choose a scribble color.

    Thanks and please do keep those updates coming or I'll be forced to get a Boox Color when one is eventually released.

  24. Anonymous3/14/2012

    Here's a thought:

    How about being more transparent and setting up a publicly accessible issue tracking system so people could register and be encouraged (and rewarded?) to submit bugs that they have discovered? Wouldn't this be an asset (read: ensure customer satisfaction and win people over to your devices)?

    Tons of free ones:



    1. Anonymous3/14/2012

      I sent a few ideas, to which they replied to within a few hours, about what i would like to see with the jetBook Color. You know, you could do the same.....the e-mail address is on the back of the box.

    2. Anonymous3/15/2012

      What's the address? Thanks