News Article about the jetBook Color in Russian Schools

We stumbled upon an article today from Progorod11 - a Russia news site in regards to eTextbooks in classrooms with a big picture of the jetBook Color being used by a student and teacher.

When we partnered with Amsco Publishing for eTextbooks in the US we stated it was 'one small step for schools, one giant leap for education' - and this is surely proof which we're excited to be a part of!

See the official site in Russian here

A translated portion of the article is below:

Schools will test electronic textbooks

Students will be engaged with eReaders

In the near future, five classes in five schools in the Komi as an experiment will go from paper to electronic textbooks.Readers and netbooks will benefit students 6-7 classes. In each class entitled to 36 devices, with a reserve, in case of the failure.
Compare the parallels. "Readers" have come to the school through participation in a federal experiment, Komi, "Testing of various types of interactive multimedia e-books (IMEU) in secondary schools a number of subjects of the Russian Federation." - The purchase of units spent about three million rubles, divided into technical and humanitarian Wow high schools, school № 1 Vylgorta, Lyceum of public diplomacy, and Syktyvkar Ezhva gymnasium № 1, - said the expert of the department of information Minobraza Komi Vitaly Olshanov. What class will use the "reading room", to solve the educational institution. Under the terms of a parallel experiment, the class will be taught by the traditional scheme, at the end of the year to compare the results.
And eyes do not spoil? Readers can accommodate a textbook in all disciplines, so that students will ease portfolios. But here's a useful "reading room" for a view? Developers of electronic devices on their Web sites claim that readers are harmless, technology displays on electronic ink (e-ink) reduces eye strain, but not all that inclined to trust. If results are positive, the question will be placed on a gradual transition to electronic school textbooks. Health Standards reader is recommended to use no longer than 20 minutes on each lesson.

By the way
In the Komi Republican Institute of Education are working on electronic multimedia support for textbooks Komi language and literature. During the year there should be a training CD and website. 

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