Smithno says: "Finally gave in and bought a jetBook Lite"

Right after Chrsitmas we gained a new customer (among thousands of others ;) who posted his first impression of the ECTACO jetBook Lite on Mobileread. We could not but quote it. So, enjoy.

"The day after Christmas, I gave in to the Fictionwise deal and bought a jetBook Lite with the $50 in Micropay credits. It came yesterday. The unit was drop shipped directly from Etaco. Downside is I had no clue it had even been shipped. It has the 14n firmware, which I believe is the latest. I haven't tried a PDB book yet, but I just dropped in the SD card out of my EZ Reader and it works fine! I'll try a DRM'ed book tonight. The battery lump makes it very comfortable to hold and use the slider bar to change pages." (the original here)

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