"With premium eBook readers still being expensive, ECTACO offers a less costly alternative with the jetBook-Lite"

Reviw written by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer

"December 2009
-- This is a review of the jetBook-Lite by ECTACO that, with a list price of just US$149, is a less expensive alternative to the likes of the Amazon Kindle or the readers from Sony and others. Using and playing with the jetBook brought up all sorts of thoughts and commentary on electronic books, and so this article ended up being both a review and an opinion piece on the state of eBooks.

It is a funny thing with eBooks. Pretty much everyone agrees it's a concept with enormous potential, and that a wholesale move to eBooks is going to happen sooner or later. It just has to. Cutting millions of trees to make paper that is then discarded makes no sense. Having kids shlep around 30 pounds worth of textbooks make no sense. Making 2-pound newspapers that land in the trash largely unread makes no sense........." Read the complete article

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