ECTACO jetBook Lite Independent Review by Everett L. Giles

I've had my Jetbook Lite for about a week now and have already fallen in love with it. So far I've taken it with me to the doctor's office waiting room and yes reading on the toilet. And, I do think you will read more with this portable device (can fit in your loose pocket). The one I purchased came pre-loaded with books that I was already reading (Time Machine, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) on my laptop using mobipocket reading software. It is better reading on this device than a laptop because it is very light weight (under 1 lbs) and the screen has no backlight (also it has a high resolution) which eliminates some of the eye fatigue when reading for long periods. I purchased a 4GB SD memory card for extra storage; it cost me only $8.99 on amazon. 4GB, is huge for storing all your books and periodicals (manufacturer says device can support up to 32GB memory cards). The device supports a lot of book formats including being able to read DRM books from the Barnes and Noble book store. PDFs are difficult to display on the 5 inch screen you can rotate the screen to landscape mode and that helps to keep from having to scroll when trying to view PDF documents. This device unlike the Sony pocket reader has a built-in dictionary to look up words you don't understand, you just select the word and it will pull it up and give you a definition. It also comes pre-loaded with foreign language dictionaries in Russian, German, Polish, and Spanish. You can also read foreign language books, which is cool if you are studying a foreign language and want to practice reading the language. If you are looking for an inexpensive e-reader, I recommend giving it a try; no it doesn't come with 3G like the Kindle, so if being able to download anywhere the latest books from your favorite authors is important to you, pass on this one and check out the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Daily Edition, or the Barnes and Noble Nook (these have 3G internet access, but cost more).
Originally posted at Mobileread