New Article from TribLive about ECTACO jetBook Lite

"E-readers are gaining popularity with fans of portable print"

"E-readers are taking a page out of business textbooks.

An electronic page, that is.

E-readers are the digital devices that put a library in a reader's hand and sometimes can be a direct line to newspapers and magazines. Some can download a book wirelessly in less than a minute and hold 1,500 volumes. Some can file away music. Some can be a repository for photographs.

All are part of a competition that is shaping into a battleground this holiday season.


Greg Stetson from Ectaco, a Long Island, N.Y., developer of inexpensive electronic readers, says he believes his firm and others, right now, are "testing the waters" to find out what features interest consumers most.

That company's jetBook Lite sells for $149, comes equipped with some classic literature, dictionaries and is operated by AA batteries, making it different from the rechargeable batteries of its better-known competitors.

The jetBook Lite is not as sophisticated as some of the others, but the result on the screen basically is the same.

"The price point is the biggest thing," Stetson says, talking about his company's approach in the e-market. "But AA batteries make it different, too. If your power goes out in an airport or something, you can just buy some batteries and keep going."...

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