Pleasant Update

A customer of ours, Robert J, Sawyer, the famous Canadian writer, has been posting reviews on jetBook Lite on his blog recently. It's always nice to know that's someone as important, like your customer, is happy about the work you've done. Below id the latest Robert's review.

"It's gonna be a few days before I have time to play around with doing a firmware upgrade, but over at the ECTACO forum, user JeePea reports that the various problems I and others have reported with the ECTACO jetBook - Lite handling ebooks in eReader format (Fictionwise and Barnes and Noble's DRM ebook format) have been fixed by the new firmware released today -- so, yay! Here's what JeePea has to say:This firmware update seems to solve several problems. First, there is no text loss at the end of the page for DRMed PDB from ereader.com. Second, there is now an option for changing the alignment from full justification to left aligned. And third, I think they've fixed the problem with having to enter unlock information for each... " read on

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