NEW PRODUCT - Ectaco Speechguard PDX - Police Voice Translator & Rugged Smartphone. 2-Way Radio, Metal Detector + More!

Hi All,

It's a very exciting time here at Ectaco! On Tuesday June 25th we officially announced a New SpeechGuard PDX at the Police Security Expo In Atlantic City NJ.

The device, a successor of military & police models PD-4 and PD-5, was designed to replace an officers laptop, cell phone, 2-Way radio and GPS. The unit is completely water submersible (IP67 certified) and shock proof. It includes a built-in 2 way voice translator for over 40 languages, a 2-way radio, pill identifier, first aid guide and even an integrated metal detector. The massive battery allows you to operate the device for a whopping 5 days of average use.

Read more about it at www.speechguard.com


  1. Anonymous2/17/2015

    This is by far the worst phone i have ever owned, has many issues and ECTACO do not honor warranty. Stay away

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