Ectaco Partner LUX2 - Speak 31 languages by simply pressing a button

Partner ® LUX2- Freedom of speech at the touch of a button!  The perfect solution for any language problem. No need to pay for a translator or expensive language lessons; the Partner ® LUX2 can help!

The Partner ® LUX2  is able to translate using natural human voice tones. Offline and no need for an internet connection, speak any of the 31-languages freely with the LUX2.

Travel Forms, menus, and other documents are fully translated and can be read aloud via the integrated camera scanner in the Partner ® LUX2. Composing an e-mail in any language can be spoken in English, and the Partner ® LUX2 will automatically type and translate what you’ve said into the language of your choice.

The Partner ® LUX2 is also your private language teacher. Not only will it teach you to speak, but it will also aid in building a more extensive vocabulary, ensuring your vocabulary and phonetics are excellent and constantly developing with our Language Teacher ® and Advanced Language Teacher ® Interactive programs.

Our learning technology allows you to activate all three types of memory that every human being has: auditory, visual, and repetitive memory.

Today, mobility is extremely important. With the Ectaco Partner ® LUX2 you can translate or study wherever you are; in the park, house, train, airport, walking, eating ... wherever.

Featuring an integrated video and audio player, the LUX2 can be used as a portable TV, or it can connect to a TV/monitor and watch your movies or learn a language on the big screen!

Change your life and become fluent in any language with the Ectaco Partner ® LUX2! For more information and to get a discounted price on any of our products, please contact us at 347-728-1354, or send an email to rob@ectaco.com


Ectaco Universal Translator UT Lite and non-Lite apps for Android have been updated!

Whether you're multilingual, trying to learn a foreign language, or just want to travel Europe, America and Asia, you will face no difficulty switching easily between available languages in this application. Romanized translations presented for "complex" languages, in addition to native script, will help you speak the translation immediately.

What's new in v. 1.5.1:

Spell-checking has been corrected
Hiding of slang entries now performs properly
Sporadic failures on text input have been eliminated
Correct displaying of RTL text
Support of certain buttons and keys on devices manufactured by ECTACO, Inc
Bugs fixed in the online translation service
Enhanced Volume Control algorithm
Improvements to localization

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First Look: Google Glass Translation and Language Learning Apps by Ectaco

Ectaco creates over 640 translation apps for Google Play and Google Glass. You can now translate anything you see and learn languages based on pictures you take. See the video for a sneak peak at the apps being created!

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HKTDC here we come! Ectaco will be at booth #3BE09 from OCT 13th - OCT 16th. Free Gift for coming!

Hi All,

It’s that time of year again. Ectaco, Inc. will be flying out to Hong Kong for one of the largest electronics shows in the world (HKTDC). Please visit us at Booth #3BE09 to see our newest developments. Don’t forget your FREE GIFT for stopping by.

If you would like to set up a meeting with our product manager, email jerry@ectaco.com to arrange it.

Here are some of the items we will present:
-SpeechGuard: The world’s first purpose built travel phone. Waterproof, shock proof, Free incoming calls, Instant voice translation, 5 days battery life and more.
-Partner LUX 2: Comprehensive, portable language teaching system. HDMI connection for use in classrooms, instant voice translation and Laptop/Tablet mode.
-jetBook Color 2: With the latest in Color eInk technology (Triton 2). The device can read almost any format.

We hope to see you there!


NEW PRODUCT - Ectaco Speechguard PDX - Police Voice Translator & Rugged Smartphone. 2-Way Radio, Metal Detector + More!

Hi All,

It's a very exciting time here at Ectaco! On Tuesday June 25th we officially announced a New SpeechGuard PDX at the Police Security Expo In Atlantic City NJ.

The device, a successor of military & police models PD-4 and PD-5, was designed to replace an officers laptop, cell phone, 2-Way radio and GPS. The unit is completely water submersible (IP67 certified) and shock proof. It includes a built-in 2 way voice translator for over 40 languages, a 2-way radio, pill identifier, first aid guide and even an integrated metal detector. The massive battery allows you to operate the device for a whopping 5 days of average use.

Read more about it at www.speechguard.com


05/24/2013 - SNEAK PEAK - NEW Speechguard - Waterproof Android Smartphone Instant Voice Translator

Hi All,

While it is not an 'official' announcement, we just had to show you a short demo of the new Speechguard. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/ectaco/posts/10152871303590112

The Speechguard project started out as a simple Military translator for soldiers to help communicate. I saw war, it saved lives and it taught a foreign language to tons of Americas finest. Now, it is evolving into the coolest smartphone, tablet and translator around. Stay tuned for more!

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New Languages Added to the Partner LUX Speak-Anything Voice translator! Chinese, Japanese, Thai Tagalog & More!

Hi All!

We're excited to announce the release of tons of extra languages on the Partner LUX! We are now nearing close to 40 available languages. We're not stopping here, we have plans to add even more languages and improve the user interface very soon. Check out all the available languages by clicking on this link. http://www.ectaco.com/info/LUX-series/

To celebrate we are offering the Partner LUX at a promotional price of only $#@@$. Oh wait, we cant tell you here! Just send an email to jerry@ectaco.com, mention the post and we can tell you all about the deal.


Ectaco Partner LUX: NEW Product - A Masterpiece in Linguistic Technology. Voice Translation & Language Learning at its Absolute best.

Perfection, the Ectaco Partner LUX is by far the BEST piece of linguistic hardware ever created. Fully capable of communicating for you in several languages, the Partner LUX is the ultimate travel companion. Learn an entire language, several programs can train your voice so you can learn no matter what level you need.

A unique laptop and twist-screen-tablet mode design make sit extremely easy to use in almost any situation.

Check it out here!!
Ask questions! Send an eMail to Jerry@ectaco.com


Ectaco is going to Hong Kong for the trade show! HKTDC here we come, stop by Booth 3B-E09.

Very exciting stuff this week! We will be in Hong Kong presenting the newest version of our jetBook Color which is the worlds first educational eBook reader. Also, we will be showing off our newest product to be adopted into the Ectaco family, the Partner LUX. This is a universal translation and communication system running on a super fast android platform.

Dont forget to stop by and check everything out, we are in booth Booth 3B-E09. 

Read the PR here http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/10/prweb9984790.htm
Contact jerry@ectaco.com with any questions. 


Business who love the jetBook listen up! The jetBook mini can decrease a workers stress and increase productivity!

It's not magic (well maybe a little), but reading on a jetBook Mini can actually decrease stress, increase mental acuity and increase production at work! With bulk orders by businesses for the JBM on the rise  we are offering a new pricing structure starting today. Check out our new PR here http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/9/prweb9942528.htm

Since the jetBook Mini is the most affordable eBook reader it wont completly break the bank and your employees will love you for it. Plus it comes with 1,000 books for this offer.

Send an email or call for a quote on a bulk purchase for your company.