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Roberto Sedycias wrote an article on 4 ebook readers of his choise. JetBook was one of them.

"The JetBook reader is a popular mobile library for compelling reasons such as multilanguage ebook support, translating feature, easy navigation, auto page turning, MP3 music and unlimited e-library. It has the feature of storing a mammoth collection of books and is expandable through memory cards. This is a portable gadget in a palm fitting size, weighing only 7,5 ounces, and the VGA screen allows reading easily even in low lit areas. Being a mobile library, the translating dictionaries makes uninterrupted reading easy, besides the JetBook reader comes with a free pre-installed ebooks collection.

The SD card slot facilitates expanding storage up to 2 GB, thereby making the JetBook a significant resource library. The in-built search engine facilitates searching the entire e-library and bookmarking, besides auto page turning. The rechargeable battery offers active use for 20 hours and can be conveniently charged in 4 to 5 hours using AC/DC power or USB. It is priced at U$ 200."


We would like to add that jetBook works with 16GB SD cards now.

All described products can be purchased at www.ectaco.com or national distributors. You are welcome to send your questions or comments to PR@ectaco.com

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