JetBook Red Widget {WordPress plugin}

The "JetBook Red Widget is a great and easy way to let your peeps know what you’re reading on your JetBook Red or e-reader. This WordPress plugin displays a JetBook Red in your sidebar with the cover of the book you are reading in the JetBook Red. An easy user interface in your widgets area on your WordPress dashboard allows you to simply enter the URL or path of where the image is and resizes it to fit in the JetBook Red. Simply use the WordPress Media tab to upload your book cover image and then copy and paste the URL into the JetBook Red Widget. Or, get the image URL from a google image search and put it in. There’s even an option to make your book cover link to another page or site when clicked on! You can click on the screenshots to the left to see them up close. If you want the JetBook Red Widget on your WordPress site, you can download the JetBook Red Widget below, OR you can get it at WordPress, OR you can simply add it while in the dashboard of your WordPress site by simply going to the plugins tab and clicking on “add new”. type in “JetBook Red” in the search box and hit search. Find the JetBook Red Widget in the list and download and install it. What’s on your JetBook Red?"

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