Presenting the newest French <-> Arabic electronic text translator with voice recognition!

We are happy to present a unique French <-> Arabic ECTACO Partner FA900 talking electronic translator which is capable of translating whole sentences in either direction if you type them in via the regular keyboard. The new translator has a hi-res color display and a bilingual user’s interface which makes it a perfect language tool for both Arabic and French native speakers. The device includes an extensive phrasebook which lets you speak any phrase in French to have it translated into Arabic and vice versa. Once recognized, the translated phrase is spoken out loud using a real human voice as recorded by native speakers. Also included is the most extensive 212,000 entry dictionary featuring synthesized voice output of Arabic and French words.

The new FA900 model comes equipped with our interactive Language Teacher system which employs one of the most effective methods ever designed for language study based on visual and hearing perception of words, phrases and dialogues. The Language Teacher system is good for learning both Arabic and French.

The Partner FA900 also features our customizable jetBook eBook reader and a video player with multiple file support. As an additional benefit, the new model includes the English to English explanatory dictionary containing more than 70,000 head words with complete definitions and our talking 39 language Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words.

Click here to get more information on the new Partner FA900.

All described products can be purchased at www.ectaco.com or national distributors. You are welcome to send your questions or comments to PR@ectaco.com

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