Jetbook Lite vs Sony PRS300

Our customers have discussed the advatages and disadvantages of the ECTACO jetBook Lite in comparison with the Sony PRS300. I must admit, the reviews are rather favourable for us. I cannot but share them on our blog.
"I just received the Jetbook lite (JBL) today And I want to provide a brief comparison between it and the Sony PRS300 I have only held in my hand at local stores.

I do not own a Sony PRS300.
The JJBL is $149 or less
The Sony PRS300 is $179 or more.

If the Sony were priced at $99 I would still by the JBL at $149.
Based on the short time I have had the JBL and played with the sony I think the ease of navigation on the JBL, the quick screen change, and the file system are the first reasons that come to mind.

I did not have a chance or ability to use the Sony in low light conditions. The JBL does require a book light in a low light room. Im not going to go into detail on this since I really only used the sony a few times.

But to sum up based on quick first impressions, book and menu navigation, page turn options, page turn rate, and file system won me over.

For the record, this is an honest opinion and not a self suggested sense of happiness with my purchase as described in the PBS Series "This Emotional Life" which is excellent by the way."

by P.X. Fort

Before I bought a Jetbook Lite, I went to a Sony vendor and took a good look at a PRS-300. The screen was good, but it wasn't perfect. I also didn't like the e-Ink's black inverted 'flash'.
I couldn't find a local vendor for Jetbook, but after watching some videos on Youtube, I decided to take a gamble on ordering one online.
I am glad I did - I can honestly say that I think the Jetbook's screen is actually superior. Both are about as readable as the other in the same lighting conditions, and the JBL's TFT screen refreshes much faster when turning pages, and without the annoying flash.
I transferred over several books I had in TXT, ePub, and PDF format without incident. I also tried copying over a couple of DRM PDB files, and they are quite readable.
Overall I am happy with the Jetbook, and the total cost with taxes and shipping was $145 CND from Newegg.ca The price for a Sony PRS-300 locally is $239 CND plus taxes, so I figure that I saved over a hundred dollars - money that I can put towards buying some new eBooks!"

by LS650

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