The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about ECTACO jetBook

A customer of ours has posted on Mobileread his honest review on ECTACO jetBook Lite. It is quite honest, so we have to share it with you.

"I also received my Jetbook Lite today.

Good: the screen is quite readable and clear even in weak light. I looked at a Sony PRS-300 last weekend and I honestly think that although its e-Ink screen was good, it was not as sharp and crisp as the JBL's reflective TFT screen. I loaded several books (TXT, ePub, pdb, and PDF) onto an old used 2 GB SD card I had sitting around. I popped in the SD card and was able to read my books without much fuss.
I also like that it works with plain old AA batteries; I can travel with it and never have to worry about adapters or charging.
The photo display feature isn't that great. I can see carrying a few fave photos around, but I see it being useful for viewing street maps I captured off the internet with a web browser.

Bad: I do not like the left-side slider switch - it is fairly stiff and difficult to slide. Fortunately I find I just ignore it and use the chrome left-right buttons anyhow, so not a biggy.
I also don't like the fact that locked books do not seem to let me adjust the font size. Other books I prefer 18pt font, but I can't seem to make that work with the locked books.

Ugly: I find that it seems to miss some of the words on the page breaks when viewing locked books. I've seen this mentioned by others a few times, so I am hoping that Ectaco is working on fixing this in a firmware upgrade."

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Note: We have been listening to our customers, and in the latest update the "ugly" part has been solved.

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