July Update: jetBook Color

We've collected a TON of info from you guys and are now releasing the newest JBC Update on July 10th. 

The following features and functions are being added:

- Landscape mode. Now you can turn any book 90 degrees and read in a panoramic fashion
- Book downloading from Book Browser via AtomPub support
- Stylus and key click sounds (configured from Settings)
- Faster switching between menus and books
- Poweroff picture
- Key lock function

- Lithuanian and Dutch language menus added
- Other minor bug fixes

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  1. Anonymous7/09/2012

    Hey, are you going to fix the TTS bug when, in page turn, the narrator skips to the next complete sentence without reading the sentence wich started at the page before..?

  2. Anonymous7/11/2012

    Late again are we why say your updating on the 10th of July but don't deliver like the May update which never happened until June

  3. Anonymous7/11/2012

    I feel so down that I keep checking update from 10th until now, but still not see the update. Why company always not respect its words. It's not the first time, how it tread its customers. If the update is supposed to release on 10th July, it's better tell customers longer like 25th or 30th July. So customer would be satisfied when company actually release before 25th or 30th

    Best regard

  4. also, where is the long ago promised browser (which in fact was announced to be in the may update and removed just before publishing it!)?


  5. Anonymous7/17/2012

    What about the Greek language menus? The features you choose to add to each of your long-awaited updates can make happy as less people as possible. Why don't you add features that most current users wait for (eg browser)or features that will bring to you more potential users?

  6. O its working... but why you still do not added zoom lock? What is the sense of landscape mode if I have to change zoom manualy for each page??

  7. Anonymous7/23/2012

    Ectaco, when I open and read a book, this message appear "Application fbreader.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down". Now I cannot read book, how to deal with it?

  8. Anyone know anything about next update ???