jetBook Color at The O'Reilly Conference (TOC) Today in Manhattan

Today was an epic day with Ectaco attending The O'Reilly Conference (TOC) in Manhattan. A big thanks to Nate and Jon for making it happen with Greg and Boris being able to showcase the jetBook Color amongst 21 other eBook Readers.

The take away message we received was that the publishing industry is a bit confused as to what direction they should take. That's no surprise since printing hasn't changed much since Calvinism, besides being a little faster and more colorful. All in all, we are excited to witness and be in the midst of a movement that will change the publishing industry and have a positive effect on people around the world on how they read, write, and learn.

There were a few backlit tablets (which we believe everyone knows how we feel about those!! **insert thumbs down pic here**) and then the E Ink readers and finally our color E Ink jetBook Color.

Here are some pics from the show:

Boris and the jetBook Color (stationed right in the center of the room!)

Interest in the jetBook Color looms

the jetBook Color!!!!

Kickin' it old school - reader style

Even more old school reader gizmos

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