Tablets suck for long periods of reading....YUP!

Try focusing your attention to the intricate detail of letters and words when reading off a backlit screen.....tired?....fuzzy eyesight?....headache?....exactly.

Plain and simple, just like your Mama used to say "Don't watch TV for too long!"....and..... "Don't stare at that computer for too long!". We've always asked 'why' but deep down we knew it was horrible for our eyesight.

Now here's an excerpt from PCAuthority about it. You can find the entire article in the link below.

Tablets suck for long periods of reading
Several of us in the PC & Tech Authority editorial room have both tablets and ebook readers, actively preferring the non-backlit nature of e-ink for long periods of reading. So when you are poring over the pages of words that make up the majority of most textbooks you would be much better off doing it on an eReader. The corollary to this is that currently colour e-ink exists largely as a proof of concept solution, there have been few actual product releases (the most prominent actually uses a completely different technology to e-ink, called mirasol, which has the same non-backlit nature).
The one area where colour e-ink is perfectly suited for is textbooks, but there is still a way to go before the kind of rich video features work with the technology. While tablets are currently a better solution, we cannot envision a world in which Apple would produce eReaders for students, especially when it can keep pumping out the same old iPads without the massive expensive of tooling up a new factory and product line. This is core to our final concern.

Source: PCAuthority. Read the entire article here

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