jetBook K-12 Video Manual

Here is one of the most thorough video manuals we have ever put together. A big thanks to Greg Stetson for making it happen and taking the time to walk us through.

You can scroll down to the description and get linked to each section of the jetBook K-12. In each section, Greg will go over the functions and applications so you can do the same on your device and be a jetBook K-12 world championnn!!!!!!

Link to the video here 
(Embedded one below)

00:50 - My Library - Basic functions, speech recognition for each section, text to speech for books, in book menus: translate, speak, select, etc.,

05:10 - Oxford Reading Support - Oxford talking dictionary, Oxford English-Spanish dictionary, SAT prep course, speedreading course, Cpen Scanner features, English-Spanish text translator, irregular verbs, idioms, Spanish grammar in English, English grammar in Spanish and English grammar in English

15:59 - Language and Games - Language Teacher, ending audio introductions, U-Learn, audio phrasebook, pictured dictionary, 180 cross-translator, vocabulary builder, linguistic crosswords, linguistic flashcards, pockets, translation test, spell-it-right and sudoku

24:50 - Science and Math - Graphing, scientific and accounting calculators, world economics and geography books, US history and facts, Math, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics and Biology reference guides, metric conversion and interactive periodic table of elements

29:49 - Audio Book and Music/Extras and Help

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