Ectaco jetBook Color Triumphs at CES 2012 - Recap

ECTACO’s jetBook Color Triumphs at CES 2012

Long Island City, New York – Las Vegas - January, 31, 2011

ECTACO, the recipient of the prestigious 2012 CES Innovation Award for the jetBook Color Educational eBook System, is proud to announce one of the most successful CES years ever experienced.

It’s one thing to attend CES as an exhibitor; it’s an entirely different world exhibiting after winning the CES Innovations Award. That’s how the show can be summed up for us. Not only did we have a crowd at our booth at every minute of every day, but we also had some of the most incredible technology seen to date in the tablet/eBook Reader world – Color E Ink.

Being the first to utilize a technology that has been sought after since the inception of eBook Readers really set us apart from the endless rows of cases for your phone and TV’s – literally, phone cases and TV’s were the only thing we saw at the show!

The exhibition of the jetBook Color was thrilling not only for the visitors, who seemed to favor Ectaco’s booth, but for the company itself as well. “We’ve had people from all over the world stopping by.” –David Lubinitsky, CEO, shares his experience - “The visitors were impressed by the success the device was having in Russia and Ukraine and were interested in establishing the same system for education in their countries as well.”

The 9.7” screen jetBook Color is the world’s first to utilize eye-friendly Triton Color E Ink technology in an eBook Reader oriented solely towards education. The main screen serves as an ID card for the student displaying a schedule of classes (updated daily via Wi-Fi), list of student's and teacher's notes, homework and classwork, and a designated channel for instant communication with any teacher. The same home screen will boast an application list based on student's grade and classes with the following topics: My Library, eTextbooks in work, Classwork and Homework, Oxford Reading Support, Languages and Games, Science and Math. Subsections within these applications will aid students to be on top of their classwork and pair technology with the classroom creating a fully interactive and intellectually stimulating environment connected to worldwide educational resources.

Along with the most sophisticated and functional eBook Reader software, the jetBook Color features the content of a 50-state reading list, teacher and school administrator resources, and a fully interactive SAT course that will train, test, and raise students’ SAT scores.  A Speed Reading course that will teach students to read and comprehend text faster, Talking Oxford Dictionaries narrated by professional linguists, course of English and foreign language grammar, speech recognition and speech analysis Language Teacher ® and U-Learn™ courses that teach any of the 52 available languages and provide great support to ESL students. Pictured dictionaries for 36 languages, cross translator for 180 languages, Vocabulary Builder, Linguistic Crosswords, reference materials in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Earth Science, Interactive Periodic Table of Elements, graphing and scientific calculators and more.

“This was a truly exciting week for us. Seeing all the enthusiasm and interest of future business partners, educators, and visitors was out of this world.” - Says Greg Stetson, Product Manager – “With the educational experience we have in the Eastern European market, we are thrilled to enter the US and worldwide educational scene with the jetBook Color.”

For more information visit www.ectaco.com or contact Greg Stetson at 718-728-6110 ext. 212 orgreg@ectaco.com.

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