jetBook® mini version 0.3.8

The jetBook® mini has received yet another update. Having upgraded to version 0.3.8, we now have: 

  • Increased overall performance by more than 20%;
  • Increased supported subfolder depth from 3 to 5;
  • Unicode font ranges;
  • Unicode paths in Filesystem;
  • User's disk size changed;
  • Bold/italic fonts in all sizes;
  • Improved FB2 performance:
    • proper support for some tags;
    • text bold/italic styling;
    • headers' centering.
  • Automatic book reformatting when necessary;
  • Temporary files marked as hidden;
  • Restoring user settings after reset or power loss;
  • More usability within "Jump to" mode;
  • Special icon for previously opened books;
  • On/Off button hold time before initializing;
  • Ability to delete temporary files;
  • Other minor bug fixed.
Click here to find the detailed instructions on how to update your jetBook!

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