New great iPhone/iPhone Apps from ECTACO

Dear All,

As you may already know, we have been releasing our Language Teacher and Linguistic Crosswords applications for the iPhone and iPod.

They are usually released every week and are free for only 7 days!

If you do have an iPod or iPhone please make sure to download and rate it, if you don’t, forward it to your friends as a Thanksgiving gift as these programs are truly amazing and helpful for all.

Language Teacher

Linguisitic Crosswords:

You can also find other language programs in the App Store like this:

If you’re looking for Thai language teacher just type: Ectaco Thai Language Teacher
If you’re looking for Spanish Linguisitc Crosswords just type: Ectaco Spanish Linguistic Crosswords
If you’re looking for Russian Ulearn just type: Ectaco Russian Ulearn
If you’re looking for English Audio Keyboard just type: Ectaco English Audio Keyboard

All described products can be purchased at www.ectaco.com or national distributors. You are welcome to send your questions or comments to PR@ectaco.com

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