Thoughts on eBook Reading

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"I think we need to take a step back and imagine what it means that such a thing as an e-book reader even exists. Samuel Johnson exalted in his hosts' private book collections, however little; to him they were a man's greatest possessions. What we're talking about here is a small miracle. If you're like me and you relish Gutenberg and hoarding all the Chesterton, Johnson, Shaw, Shakespeare, et al this thing is perfect and the price tag is nothing compared with what educated men for most of recorded history would have done to get their hands on one. I still like having my books, of course--these things do take some of the poetry out of reading poetry. But it's great and we should all be thankful, especially now that it's available in places for 149.99.

Again, think of the fortune this would have been worth (considered only in terms of its function) for almost 100% of human history, sans our little self-conscious "partition". Unfortunately the technology that brings us the miracle is also the instrument of the propaganda that deadens us to it."


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