ECTACO, Inc. Announces a New Era in Handheld Communication

Ectaco Inc. (www.ectaco.com) has just unveiled the newest and most prestigious electronic dictionary known to date right in time for the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. Freely translating through any languages, downloading books and photo albums, learning, studying, and hearing fluent pronunciations of every word or phrase are now available in the palm of your hand.

Here is the ECTACO Partner P900 Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook. Unlike anything in the past and with absolutely no competitors in it's class, the Partner P900 can be marked as the Mercedes-Benz of the translating world. While typing it pronounces the letters for you in any language. While in the dictionary or picture dictionary, you have access to hundreds of thousands of words fluently spoken aloud, and now you can even download full e-books with pictures and all to read anywhere and anytime. Even the built-in FM Radio will get a signal while you're on the go. With Ectaco's award-winning Language Teacher now upgraded, it will teach you step by step English or any foreign language like a personal tutor while charting progress to see how well you do. If learning by day isn't enough, the brand new U-Learn course now teaches you while you sleep. Pre-set programs will automatically do all the work for you so in the morning you wake up feeling refreshed and multilingual.

ECTACO Inc. President and CEO David Lubinitsky asserted, "We decided to go all out on this project. From the sleek metallic frame, to the most user-friendly interface we've ever invented, this is definitely the next generation in language learning and studies. Through the raving success of our Language Teacher program which coaches the learning of any language, we decided to add the U-Learn where now you can learn in your sleep. The interactive program does everything for you while you close your eyes so learning can occur anywhere and anytime. We even included the jetBook Reader into it as well. Upload any e-book into the device and read on for as long as you wish. It's possible to even make photo albums by copying them from your computer to the Partner P900 and carry them along wherever you go."

In addition to everything the P900 has to offer, a responsive Audio Phrasebook delivers the power of instant communication with 14,000 of the most necessary phrases for everyday communication that are be spoken aloud in crystal-clear digital recordings. It even includes the most complete dictionary, Full Text Translation module with optional connection to Ectaco/C-Pen scanner, crosswords, learning games, an MP3 player, FM Radio, and a voice recorder. These features make the Partner P900 a truly universal handheld that lets anyone succeed in language learning and communication.

All described products can be purchased at www.ectaco.com or national distributors. You are welcome to send your questions or comments to PR@ectaco.com

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