"Ectaco JetBook E-book Reader Full Detailed Review!"

Associated Content has posted a nice and detailed review on the ECTACO jetBook by Lawrence Hughes. Enjoy!

"Most of the e-book reader market has been dominated by Amazon Kindle e-book reader and the rest of the competition is shared by Sony and other such big companies. But nowadays new companies are coming up with their e-book reader. This is a good thing for consumers as this will increase the competition in the e-book market and ultimately benefit the consumer with lower prices and many more features.

One of the latest e-book readers to be released is Ectaco jetBook. I have used both Amazon Kindle and two of the Sony's e-book readers. After getting my hands on Ectaco jetBook e-book reader, I have to say it is downright impressive. The best thing I like about it is that it feels quite natural when you're reading something from it. It is very thin and comfortable and also seems very strong and durable from the built. The screen of Ectaco jetBook e-book reader is 5 inch high TFT screen and is crystal clear and easy on the eyes while reading, even for long hours.

One of the good features I liked about Ectaco jetBook e-book reader is that it comes with a built in MP3 player so that you can also listen to your favorite music while you're reading your favorite book. It is always a good idea to have a soothing background music when you indulge in reading a book. This adds to the fun and excitement of reading through this e-book reader. Apart from viewing and storing electronic books, you can also easily view pictures as this e-book reader supports the JPEG format. As far as the format of the files goes Ectaco jetBook reader can handle these file types: txt, pdf, fb2, jpg, epub, mobi, prc and rtf formats. There is also an SD card slot which allows you to expand the memory and store even more books, music and photographs on your e-book reader.

Another feature which I really liked about Ectaco jetBook e-book reader is that it has the very easily Nevi Gabel dictionary that is quite simple to use and can be accessed just by pressing the menu button. Users can also control the size of the font the e-book reader displays.

Another good point about this Ectaco jetBook e-book reader is that it supports multiple languages. Ectaco jetBook e-book reader also has many translating dictionaries for several languages which makes it a perfect e-book reader if you're going around the globe. One more big advantage is that Ectaco jetBook e-book reader comes loaded with the CIA world factbook which has plenty of information and can prove very useful in the world in which we live."

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