"Affordable eBook Reader with Some Shortcomings"

Here's an honest review of the jetBook Lite with its advantages and disatvantages. Great read of one professional writing. Enjoy!

"Yahoo - I have been waiting for an eBook reader with excellent readability and ergonomics for $ 150, and here it is: the Ectaco JetBook Lite.

No, not the JBL wireless communications, and no, it does not play mp3s. I have a small device called an mp3 player that does exactly that!

What does the JBL Serve supports a variety of ebook formats, including mobile format of the New York Public Library, together with eReader DRM FictionBook, plain text, PDF, EPUB, and others.

The JBL not e-Ink technology. Instead, sport a very readable LCD screen with the added advantage over E-Ink screens of fast Turn the page: as fast as possible to apply a sheet of paper, in fact.

The JBL-screen provides high-contrast black text on white background, similar to the Nook unity and better than the Kindle, from the photos I've ever seen.

I read "The Mysterious Island" on the JBL for several hours without eye fatigue. Although light in my dark apartment on the first floor is not the best, take it nice on the background.

There are two page-turning controls, one on the left side of the device, the other on the front below the screen. Both are well suited for use in the left hand while his right hand free to hold on a subway pole or the band.

The JBL sports several built dictionaries, makes it easy to look up words in English or translate them from other languages. The device also comes with a number of classics on board, including Shakespeare, Dickens, Joyce, the Bible, and much more.

You can also plug an SD card, the expansion of space to hold an enormous number of ebooks - enough for even the longest holiday abroad or the longest journey!

The JBL also "plays well" with Windows XP. My computer immediately recognized it (well) after a pause for the obligatory reboot, and it is easy to copy files to my computer.

I had created a little trouble finding Mobi some books which I copied to the Mobipocket Reader on my computer, I found her with the unity file manager routine in a second folder, it was for the purpose. I later used the workplace to these files in the original book of the unit folder that the resumption of reading much faster and easier when the device-making move.

The JBL is rated to run for more than 20 hours on four AA batteries. I have is with high-performance NiMH rechargeable batteries and the power meter reading, still in full after several hours of reading. This certainly had better, the Franklin eBookMan, I have - and the JBL does not lose his memory when you change the batteries!

You can not see in the photos, but the device has a bulge to accommodate the back of the left hand side to the battery chamber. That actually makes the reader comfortable in your left hand to hold, and it serves as a handy stand, if you switch to landscape mode while you eat on the table.

Finally JBL fits nicely into my back jeans pocket.

What can I say? If you do not care about wireless capabilities ... If you already have an MP3 player ... and if you have better things to do with your money than to spend more than two hundred shells on an eBook Reader ... Check out the ECTACO JetBook Lite.

It is important and shows an entire library of ebooks with first-class readability and ergonomics, and that's where it really counts!..."

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