Business who love the jetBook listen up! The jetBook mini can decrease a workers stress and increase productivity!

It's not magic (well maybe a little), but reading on a jetBook Mini can actually decrease stress, increase mental acuity and increase production at work! With bulk orders by businesses for the JBM on the rise  we are offering a new pricing structure starting today. Check out our new PR here http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/9/prweb9942528.htm

Since the jetBook Mini is the most affordable eBook reader it wont completly break the bank and your employees will love you for it. Plus it comes with 1,000 books for this offer.

Send an email or call for a quote on a bulk purchase for your company.



Problems caused by backlit screens like iPad make the jetBook Color an obvious choice for avid readers.

New research conducted at RPI indicates devices with back-lit screens (iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet) can cause melatonin suppression which will may postpone bedtimes especially in teens.

This makes healthy reading screens like the jetBook Color with eInk the best choice for persons who are actually reading on their device insted of playing video games and browsing the web.

See the full story covered by Goodereader here at this link


Your car can now teach you any language! Our voice interactive hands & eyes free teaching program.

Out of all things, could you imagine your car can now teach you any language?! We developed new software specifically for integration to your cars infotainment system. With most people spending a whapping 90 hours a day in their vehicle you can be speaking a new language within a week.

Check out our video to see how it works.